Welcome to
Super Conference 2009

Learning is a passion. Learning is a human drive.
Learning belongs on the base of Maslow’s hierarchy
of needs along with breathing, food, sex, sleep,
warmth and water.

Many of our human institutions have usurped our
sense of learning in a manner similar to how sexual
repression led to the need for a sexual revolution.
Libraries command the capacity to lead the
learning revolution!

However, in order to do so: You must learn.

Your library must learn. You must transform your
library into a nimble–almost alive–organism that
can dance with the dragons of accelerating change.
our communities must learn to learn.

Together, our libraries can be the base from which
we address the future, whatever it may be; a base
supported by three legs; school, academic and public
libraries that encompass three vital stages of learning:
learning to learn, deepening and broadening learning
and self-directed learning.

Welcome to the 16th annual Super Conference!

Sam Coghlan, president, ola.

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