Forest of Reading Advisory Committee

The Forest of Reading Program has grown from a modest beginning in 1994 with one program and has since grown to seven programs in both French and English. From the beginning, the school and public library community were committed to expanding the program and to offering it to their students and patrons. For the past twenty years, the Canadian publishing and book industry have increasingly provided support, ideas and have asked how can they be further involved in showcasing and expanding this program.

Members of the Advisory Committee will serve as key influencers in helping move the Forest of Reading® and its Festival into the future and help keep it as a leading reading initiative in this country.

To elevate the profile of the Forest of Reading and Festival by exploring how this program can further:

  • Cultivate a vibrant Canadian book culture
  • Increase book sales for the juvenile fiction and non-fiction Canadian market
  • Cultivate a love of reading and reading engagement for young people
  • Provide guidance on expansion and growth

Current Members of the Forest Advisory Committee are:

  • Kevin Sylvester – award winning author and illustrator
  • Helaine Becker – award winning author
  • Melanie Florence – award winning authors
  • Kate Edwards – Association of Canadian Publishers
  • Karen Boersma – Owl Kids
  • Denise Anderson – Scholastic Canada
  • Fred Horler – Groundwood Books
  • Naseem Hrab – Kids Can Press
  • Sylvia Chan – Penguin Random House Canada
  • Meredith Tutching – Director, Forest of Reading
  • Lauren Hummel – Ontario Library Association
  • Shelagh Paterson – Ontario Library Association
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