Troubleshooting for Virtual Author Visits

Despite our best efforts, online sessions don’t also run as smoothly as we’d like. Read on for solutions to your troubleshooting questions.

Prior to the session:

Issue: I haven’t received the connection instructions.

Solutions: Reminder emails are sent to all Forest of Reading registrants the day of the session from the email address, but the connection links are also available on the password site. Make sure you have your password ready. The password is included in most of the emails we send to registrants, but if you still need help get in touch at or call OLA at 1-866-873-9867. The staff will confirm your registration and resend the password.  All the virtual author visits are recorded, so if you miss some or all of the session you can still access the content afterward.

Issue: The link isn’t working.


  1. If the link on the connection instructions page isn’t working, right click it and copy and paste the URL beginning with… into your Internet browser window. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer.
  2. You might need to install plugins or update your browser version in order to run the Adobe Connect platform from your browser. This is why we recommend that you test your connection in advance of the session. Please note that while there is now an Adobe Connect app for iOS and Android, we still recommend using a desktop computer.
  3. If the page is taking too long to load, check that you are connected to the Internet and that your connection is strong. We recommend an ethernet or other wired connection over a WiFi connection.
  4. If you have tried the above and still can’t connect, please call OLA at 1-866-873-9867. The staff will check the link and send it to you directly if needed.

Issue: I don’t have a username or password.

Solution: You do not need a username or password to access the session. Enter as a guest using your first and last name. If you are on a screen asking for a password, click the back button to select the guest option or close your browser window and click the connection link in your email again.

During the session:

Issue: I can’t hear the audio.


  1. Confirm that the speaker button at the top left of the Adobe Connect window is green.
  2. Watch a YouTube video or some other audio source to test your headset/speaker sound.
  3. Check your settings in your preferences/control panel to ensure the volume is up/not muted.
  4. If you are using external speakers, ensure they are on/plugged in.
  5. Try closing the browser and coming back in via the link in the connection instructions email.
  6. Restart your computer with your headset plugged in.
  7. Call your IT support if available.

Issue: The audio quality is bad.

Solutions: Please note that a slight audio distortion is normal for web connections. However, if your comprehension is affected by the audio quality, try the following.

  1. Check your Internet connection speed – slow connections may result in a lag.
  2. Ensure you are using a wired Internet connection.
  3. Try another browser – we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  4. Ensure your Internet browser and plugins are up to date.
  5. If all participants are experiencing a considerable lag in audio/video, the host will restart the session.
  6. In very rare cases, some systems might be too old to handle Adobe Connect. This may be the case if you cannot stream video on your system.

After the session:

Issue: Where do I access the recording?

The recordings of the sessions are made available on the password website by by the Monday after the session took place. The connection link will have been replaced with a link to the recording. The link will also be posted under nominee resources, along with the other materials specific to the book.