OLA Pre-Budget Submissions

2023 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

Working alongside our partners at the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL), OLA is continuing advocacy for Ontario’s libraries.

Our 2023 Budget Recommendations are: 

  1.  Maintain critical provincial funding for Ontario’s public libraries at current levels and work with municipalities and the Federal government to prevent unsustainable cuts to public library funding.
  2.  Working alongside First Nations Public Library leaders, rapidly implement a sustainable funding model for public libraries on reserve to ensure that these important local hubs are fully-funded and viable. This includes enhancing the existing direct provincial funding support for public libraries on reserve to sustainably fund library operations and ensure a living income for frontline library staff in these communities.
  3. Provide critical e-learning support and fair access to modern, digital resources for all Ontario public libraries through the creation of an Ontario Digital Public Library, thereby leveraging the province’s significant purchasing power to give all Ontarians access to a common core of high-quality e-learning & online resources and more e-books.

Read OLA and FOPL’s joint 2023 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission

About the Budget Process

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Understanding Ontario’s provincial budget: Ontario’s provincial budget is is typically released annually in April. The government’s financial cycle ends March 31 and restarts on April 1. For more information and to see the current provincial budget, visit the Ontario government website.

Understanding Canada’s federal budget: Federal budgets have a lesser impact on Ontario’s libraries, and are presented annually in February or March. For more information, visit the Canadian government website.