Public Library Issues

Public libraries are consistently ranked within the top 3 services a community values most. Yet their value and complexity of relevant services are not always understood. Included in this section are backgrounders, briefs, and resources to support awareness and development of public library services and issues.


OLA's Recommendations for Public Library Funding

The Ontario Library Association, with the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries (FOPL)  submit recommendations as part of Ontario’s Annual Pre-Budget consultation process.

Advocate for your Public Library

Download the Value of Public Libraries Postcard (Bilingual 2022) or create your own using our template on Canva to create your own Value of Public Libraries Postcard.

OLA Advocacy Resources and Information Briefs

Advocacy Resources

Information Briefs

Watch: Ontario Hubs: Our Changing Libraries (2019)

How are Ontario’s public libraries evolving to meet a changing society and a digital age? Check out The Agenda’s spotlight on public libraries: “Ontario Hubs: Our Changing Libraries”

Library Impact Ontario

Library Impact Ontario brings together data analytics, relevant resources and advocacy to help demonstrate public library value. We are a collective of libraries working together for a common goal, leveraging data to ensure responsive, adaptable and thriving libraries for everyone. We offer a suite of free services including Bridge data solution platform and Data Literacy, Learning and Support networking workshops to support Ontario public libraries. Bridge is a practical and automated solution for library data. It is a first of its kind innovative outcome measurement platform that empowers libraries by collecting, assessing and visualizing technology data through surveys, data dashboards and reports.