About OSLA

OSLA provides a common voice for school library professionals needs and interests through advocacy, leadership and continuing education. Over 1,300 elementary and secondary school teacher-librarians, library technicians and school board consultants are represented in OSLA.

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OSLA Mission Statement

The mission of the Ontario School Library Association is to promote, develop and advocate for strong, equitable school library programs throughout the province. The OSLA:

  • Facilitates dynamic learning experiences utilizing the best available resources, technologies, strategies and learning environments
  • Promotes a love of reading and a sense of wonder and inquiry
  • Strengthens and unifies the voice of school library staff in supporting the effective operation of school libraries
  • Strengthens and unifies the voice of teacher-librarians as collaborative curriculum leaders
  • Supports all members with ongoing professional development that will benefit school staff and student

Membership Privileges:

  • The Teaching Librarian: three issues per year
  • Up to 40% discount on Super Conference, Canada’s largest and most attended library education event
  • Major discounts on workshops, audio conferences and online courses offered in The Partnership’s Education Institute
  • 20% off OSLA publications
  • Individual voting on OSLA and OLA issues
  • Eligibility for OSLA and OLA committees
  • Eligibility to hold office in OSLA and OLA
  • Toll-free access to advice and referral on school library questions as they occur
  • Free searching in the best-known database for library information, H.W. Wilson Co.s Library Literature, licensed for the exclusive use of OLA members