No matter what type of library you are involved with – Academic, Public, School, Special – support from your local stakeholders, decision-makers, and leaders is essential to ensuring that you and your library have the resources and connections you need.

The resources of this toolkit were created to help OLA members from all library sectors, to advocate for their libraries and to broaden the community of library advocates in Ontario. This toolkit aims to provide guidance as to how to advocate effectively and link to additional resources for members who wish to learn more.

OLA Advocacy Toolkit

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Trousse d’outils de défense des droits de l’Ontario Library Association (OLA)

Une version abrégée de la trousse est disponible en français.

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Library Sector Graduate Employment Survey

OLA Recent Graduate Employment Survey 2021

In 2021, we did a follow up survey to the OLA Recent Graduate Employment Survey 2019. The 2021 survey captures the experience of graduates who completed their studies in 2020 and 2021, during the period of COVID lockdowns and hiring freezes.

The 2021 survey captures the experience of graduates who completed their studies in 2020 and 2021, during the height of the COVID pandemic lockdowns and hiring freezes. While general employment trends have changed since 2021, this report provides key insight into the impacts of the pandemic on recent graduates entering the library sector during a very disruptive time in our history.

OLA Recent Graduate Employment Survey 2019

In 2019, OLA initiated our first ever Library and Information Sector Employment Survey. Surveying recent graduates of masters of library sciences and information technician programs in Ontario, this report provides a snapshot of employment trends in late 2019. By repeating this survey over time, we hope to better track employment trends over time and to better understand how our sector is evolving.