Advocacy Committee


The Advocacy Committee was formed in Fall of 2011. Reporting to the OLA Board of directors, the OLA Advocacy Committee will:

  • provide broad advice on systemic issues;
  • provide specialized expertise/resources on a specific issue/topic that arises (i.e. copyright, Community Access Program (CAP), Library Archives Canada (LAC) and other cuts to funding);
  • facilitate networking and communication opportunities relating to advocacy;
  • identify advocacy needs and resources (i.e. toolkits, individuals, associations) while working in conjunction with specific sectors;
  • support government relations strategies; and
  • communicate advocacy efforts to stakeholders.

Committee Members

Co Chair: Dana Vanzanten – St. Thomas Public Library (Public Library – Rural)
Co Chair: Mary Dodge – Blue Mountain Public Library (Public Library – Urban)
David Thornley
Jason Bird – Sault College (Academic Library – College)
Jordan Bulbrook (Academic Library – University)
Johanna Lawler – Greater Essex County District School Board (School Library)
Randy Penasse – Nipissing Nation Kendaaswin (Public Library) (First Nation Public Library)
Terri Meekis – Wabauskang First Nation Public Library (First Nation Public Library)


Ex-Officio members

Current OLA President
Shelagh Paterson, Executive Director, OLA
Lily Kwok, Advocacy & Research Officer, OLA

Learn more

Read the Committee’s Terms of Reference. For more information contact Shelagh Paterson.