Monday, June 12, 10am-5pm ET

Digital Odyssey

Data in Sight: Exploring the Power of Data Visualization, Privacy and Impact Through a Library Lens

Get ready to unlock the power of data and transform the way that you leverage numbers to drive change in your organization. Join us for an exciting exploration into the best practices of data collection, visualization and privacy. Engage in lively discussions about the latest trends and tools that will help you take your data insights to the next level. 

Whether you’re presenting data to your community, your colleagues, your classroom or your library board, learn how to harness the true potential of data and enhance the stories you tell with that data. From critical thinking to innovative design, we’ll show you how to improve your data practices, be more aware of the pitfalls of data, and gain higher-quality data insights for your library. 

Date & Time

Monday, June 12, 2023 at 10 AM ET – 5 PM ET


  • Members –  $125+tax
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  • Non-Member PLUS – $200+tax
  • Non-Members – $225+tax
  • Student/Underemployed Members – $50+tx
  • Staff at First Nation Public Libraries – $0

Code of Conduct and FAQ

You can review the code of conduct and FAQ here.

Virtual Program

Speakers: Dr. Aurora Mendelsohn and Dr. Anthony Gray

Based on the exhibition Emerging Patterns: Data Visualization Throughout History at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, this session shares the stories of people much like us, across many eras and from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, who have been wrestling with the graphical representation of information for centuries. The first set of examples tells the story of the evolution of data visualization over time, through historically significant first examples, false starts, curiosities, and instructive errors. The second set explore how the persuasive nature of data visualizations has been used to claim power for those who lack it and to advocate for changes in public policy.

Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Quinless

Decolonizing Data is a critical precursor to advocating for social justice and in addressing systemic inequalities embedded in public institutions. This talk will address the tensions and complexities around the historical impacts of data colonialism and how decolonizing data is a move towards addressing systemic forms of inequality and oppressions in the collection, cataloguing, archiving and curating of knowledge. The talk will explore social justice approaches, including critical librarianship, and what makes this work specific to decolonization in public library systems regarding the stewardship, curation, sharing and dissemination of knowledge.

Get ready to shine a spotlight on your data! Join us for “Dazzling Data: Tools and Strategies for Presenting Data” – a conference session that will give you practical tips and platform suggestions to turn your data into a dazzling masterpiece. This session features a lineup of short presentations that will help you make sense of your data and present it visually like a pro. So if you’re tired of boring charts and graphs, come let us dazzle you!

Learn the ins and outs of how to combine data visualization, interactivity, and classic storytelling. Two speakers compare the most compelling (and the most ineffective) approaches to visual narratives while also providing actionable tips and strategies on accessibility, formatting, and templates that you can start implementing right away. Witness the importance of a clear message, supportive data and analysis, and a strong narrative flow to engage viewers.

Speakers: Steve Till-Rogers, Jason Shim, Brian Masschaele, and Clare Hanman

Don’t panic, but be prepared! Learn from a roundtable of experts and specialists first hand about their experience with data breaches and how they are working to manage these stressful incidents. Even if you don’t completely control your IT, you’ll be able to mitigate risks, assess your security and build a recovery plan… just in case.

Speakers: Sarah Roberts, Shaun McDonough

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Whether we like it or not, the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has revolutionized various industries, and the library sector is no exception. Delve into the opportunities and advancements presented by AI-driven data analysis in public libraries. Then investigate the challenges related to privacy and data security, information bias and misinformation, as well as potential strategies to address these challenges.

For full program and speaker details please visit the conference website. 

Digital Odyssey is planned by OLITA Council

Digital Odyssey is traditionally a one-day conference that brings together library professionals to explore themes of research, learning, accessibility, and usability associated with technology in libraries.


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