Digital Odyssey is traditionally a one-day conference that brings together library professionals to explore themes of research, learning, accessibility, and usability associated with technology in libraries.

Beyond Brick & Mortar: The Evolution of Virtual Library Services (a virtual conference) 

Monday June 13, 2022  / 12:00pm – 4:45pm ET 

Full program to open Thursday May 26.

Register here. Group registration rates available. 

This year’s Digital Odyssey conference will allow you to explore how to leverage some of the lessons that we’ve learned over the past few years. The ways that we learn how to use new technologies, and connect with our communities have changed drastically and in many ways – for the better. Join us at Digital Odyssey as we discuss and share how our tools and techniques are evolving. 

Sessions will include: 

The Price is Right – Purchasing Tech for Three Different Budgets

  • We gave three different libraries a hypothetical stack of money and asked them what technology they would buy? Come and join this conversation and get ready to bookmark some tech because we’ve got recommendations at all price points. 

Straddling Two Audiences – How Do We Make Hybrid Programming Actually Work? 

  • Libraries of all sorts are being asked to program or teach to both in person and virtual audiences at the same time, and as you might expect, all sorts of issues are popping up! Join us as we discuss and share best practices for making it work, and the pitfalls of trying to do it all. 

Tool Talk – Lightning Round 

  •  As simple as it sounds – a bunch of people sharing their most treasured digital tools and applications. Come armed with a sharpened stylus, there are bound to be a few gems in here that you’ll want to remember! 

The Evolution of Coding Instruction 

  • Coding instructions workshops have for many years now been taught in very standardized, in-person workshops that allow the instructors and participants to learn from each other and course correct as needed. Hear how two libraries adjusted their strategy to make it work for a virtual audience – sometimes successfully, and sometimes with lessons learned. 
From Dungeons to Discord – Gaming Programming for Libraries 
  •  The way that we are playing, programming and purchasing games for our libraries has changed drastically over the past few years. We’ll hear from libraries who have been experimenting with new platforms for outreach.