OLITA's Volunteer Opportunities

OLITA’s volunteers are critical to our success, and work with the association in a number of different capacities. Volunteering for OLITA has a range of benefits: You will meet new people working in a variety of environments, be encouraged to learn about new technologies, and discuss the latest trends in library tech. If you’re interested in helping out or have any suggestions for upcoming events and initiatives, please do not hesitate to let us know.

OLITA Council

OLITA Council has openings for new representatives every year. Nominations close in November. For more information about openings on council, email membership@accessola.com.

Volunteer at Digital Odyssey

Each June, OLITA hosts a one-day conference celebrating emerging technologies around a specific theme. For more information about volunteer opportunities, please reach out to us.

Volunteer at the OLA Super Conference

Super Conference attracts over 4500 delegates every year, and there are several opportunities to get involved. Please see the Super Conference volunteer page for more information.

Write for Open Shelf

Open Shelf is the official magazine of the Ontario Library Association. Published online twice a month, Open Shelf welcomes submissions from the library community. Please see their publication guidelines for more information.