Ontario Public Library Week - October 16 to 20, 2023

October is Canadian Library Month! This month, libraries and library partners across Canada raise awareness of libraries’ valuable role in the lives of people in Canada.

In Ontario, the first week of October features First Nations Public Library Week (October 2-6), and the third week of October is Ontario Public Library Week (October 16-20). If the third week of October falls on a statutory holiday, OPLW will be held the following week.

Ontario Library Association (OLA) is the provincial coordinator for Ontario Public Library Week. As the coordinator, OLA provides public libraries and supporters with various promotional resources for Ontario Public Library Week. Look out for graphics later this summer! OLA also typically organizes the OPLW launch event if applicable.

For 2023, Ontario Public Library Week will take place from October 16 to October 20, and the theme is “Libraries For Life.”

For questions and comments, please get in touch with communications@accessola.com

Digital Graphics and Assets

Digital graphics for 2023 OPLW/CLM are now available below. Click the corresponding links to view and right click on the graphics to download.

Poster/Bookmark Orders and Shipping

If your public library system does not have an in-house printer and serves a population of under 7,000 people, poster and bookmark ordering will be available in a standard kit. Please click here for the link to the order form.  All printed materials will be sent out by the end of September.

First Nations Public Library Week - Coordinated by Ontario Library Service

Since 2000, First Nation public libraries have used one week of the year to raise awareness of their resources, services, programs and activities. First Nations Public Library Week is celebrated the first week of October to coincide with Canadian Library Month.

First Nations Public Library Week is an opportunity to promote public library services and celebrate cultural uniqueness through creative library programming. We encourage all Ontario libraries to join in its celebration!

First Nations Public Library Week runs October 2-6 with this year’s new theme, ‘SKAÍHWA’T | DGOGAABWI | STANDING TOGETHER.’

Please visit the First Nations Public Library Week website for more information about the program’s history, updates, and resources.

Thank You to Last Year's Ontario Public Library Week Sponsors and Supporters!

The OLA thanks the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for their support of Ontario Public Library Week.