OCULA Strategic Plan

Every term OCULA Council identifies strategic priorities to work on for the upcoming year. All council activities are directly aligned with OLA’s four strategic goals which include:

Growing Career Paths & Potential

The goal of OLA is that those involved in Ontario’s library and information sectors look first to OLA for progressive, thought-provoking, practical professional development that expands their thinking, their capabilities, and their career opportunities.

Collaborating to Extend Libraries’ Strategic Voice

The goal of OLA is that Ontarians view libraries as essential contributors to the economy, education, lifestyle, and culture of their communities. Our ultimate goal is to be an influential voice for libraries and the information sector.

Transforming Ideas into Solutions

The goal of OLA is to foster innovative thinking throughout the library sector that is translated into solutions that keep library services growing and meaningful within the changing Ontario culture and environment.

Strengthening the Organization

The goal of OLA is that it has the near-term and long-term strengths in terms of people, finances, and infrastructure to fulfill our mission and realize our vision.