Tuesday, March 16, 2021 12-1 ET

Transition from MARC to BIBFRAME: Initial steps for libraries

Date & Time:

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 12-1 ET

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This session will highlight the work of the Canadian BIBFRAME Readiness Task Force (http://cfla-fcab.ca/en/about/committees/cms-committee/canadian-bibframe-readiness-task-force/), which from 2018-2020 wrote a plain-language description of BIBFRAME, conducted a survey of the Canadian library community, and wrote a final report of its findings and recommendations to be submitted to the CFLA-FCAB Cataloguing and Metadata Standards Committee in late 2020. Pulling from the work of the Task Force and the Canadian Linked Data Initiative Education and Training Working Group, presenters will share the fundamentals of Linked Data and BIBFRAME, and why a transition from MARC21 to the BIBFRAME format is important to consider now. The session will include a reflection on the Task Force recommendations and their focus on Community, Education, and Growing Knowledge, as well as a discussion of initial steps individual libraries can take to prepare for an eventual transition from MARC to BIBFRAME.

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Explain why they need to start thinking about the transition from MARC to BIBFRAME at their respective institutions now 
2. Describe the basic principles Linked Data to their peers 
3. Describe BIBFRAME’s basic principles to their peers 
4. Identify initial steps libraries can take to prepare for a transition from MARC to BIBFRAME

About the Presenters:

Heather Pretty is a Cataloguing Librarian at Memorial University of Newfoundland, where her primary responsibilities include catalogue maintenance and authorities. In addition, Heather is coordinator of the Atlantic Canada Funnel of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Name Authority Cooperative Program (NACO), an At-Large Member of the PCC Policy Committee, and Chair of the Canadian BIBFRAME Readiness Task Force.

Robin Desmeules is a Cataloguing Librarian at McGill University, and works with rare and special materials. Her work focuses on critical approaches to knowledge organization, experimenting and implementing linked data for special collections, and community generated naming systems. She is a member of the CFLA IMC Joint Working Group on Classification and Subject Headings, The Art and Rare Materials Ontology Task Force, and past Chair of the Canadian Linked Data Initiative’s Education and Training Working Group.

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