Volunteering on the OLA Board or Divisional Councils

The OLA Board governs the matters of the association. OLA’s 7 Divisions govern the matters of each of their divisions. Divisions are an integral part of the overall association. 

Experience and Work 

OLA and its’ divisions welcome a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Elected board and council positions consist of members who: 

  • Are early in their library-related careers to those who are near retirement.  
  • Have little or no volunteer or committee experience to those who have participated in lots of committee work. 
  • Are interested in learning new skills. Examples include continuing education planning, government relations and advocacy, developing resources for OLA and libraries, meeting management, and financial oversight. 
  • Are interested in contributing experience and perspective. 
  • Would like to meet and learn from others in library-land. 
  • Want to make a difference and be part of an initiative or project that is helpful for the broader library sector. 

Time and resource commitments: 

  • Elections occur in December and elected positions commence in January annually. 
  • Divisional Vice-Presidents serve on the OLA Board in their final term as Past President and participate in up to two meetings a month. 
  • The OLA Board and Divisional Councils currently meet virtually. Meetings are 1 hour to 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours).  
  • The Board meets up to 7 times annually with sub-committee meetings scheduled as needed.  
  • Most Divisional Councils also meet up to 7 times annually.  
  • Board and Council members provide input into and review meeting packages in advance and come prepared to participate (provide input, ask questions, plan initiatives, take on tasks and vote on matters that advance the work of the association). 
  • OLA will host at least one round of meetings in person.  
A change was approved by the OLA Board in January 2023 that changes the structure of the OLA Board. Vice Presidents elected will now serve on the OLA Board in their final term as Past President. The OLA Board will also consist of three member at large positions which do not sit on a council.