OLA Friends Committee

The OLA Friends Committee exists to provide support and resources to assist in the formation and promotion of Friends of the Library groups. In addition, the Committee will act as a resource to the OLA community on topics of interest to Friends of the Library groups, including advocacy, fundraising, marketing, programming and volunteer management.

What is a Friends of the Library group?

The Friends of the Library organization in communities supports the mission of the Library Board and the Library through their activities and projects, and keeps the Library Board and the CEO informed of their activities.

The purposes of the Friends are:
(a) To promote and publicize library services in the community,
(b) To fundraise,
(c) To raise awareness, and
(d) To advocate for the library, when requested by the Library Board and the library.

Why Have Friends of the Library?

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Roles and Relationships

Many Friends groups form because of initiative taken by a Library Board Trustee, manager or staff member. However, there is an important distinction between the role of the Library Board, Friends, and library management and staff.


Advocacy means actively supporting a cause by taking action. Friends can be effective advocates by offering support when the library requires people in the community to highlight specific issues or concerns in a coordinated way.

An Introduction to Advocacy
Tips for Effective Advocacy

Committee Members

Dorothy Macnaughton, Friends of the Prince Township Library (Vice-Chair)
Ann McLaughlin, Friends of the Fort Erie Public Library
Craig Shufelt, CEO, Fort Erie Public Library
Carmen Sprovieri, Friends of the London Public Library
Kathleen O’Connell, Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association / L’Association des amis de la Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa
Melissa Macks, OLA Staff representative


History of Friends of Canadian Libraries