Tuesday, November 30, 12:00-1:00 pm ET

Cognitive Biases and Our Relationship to Information

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Tuesday, November 30, 12:00-1:00 pm ET

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We are living in the information age.  In some ways, it is easier than ever to access good quality information quickly and efficiently.  But at the same time, we still seem to be plagued by phenomena of misinformation and conspiracy theories.  So what is going on?  Our relationship to information seems to run deeper than just access.  For one, humans are susceptible to cognitive biases.  This often leads to false beliefs and poor decision-making.  In this webinar we will explore some common cognitive biases that we all have, the reasons for them, and the risks there-associated.  See how increasing our awareness of these natural blind spots can drive home the importance of being systematic in our thinking and decision-making.  As librarians, this deeper understanding can help us help others to understand the importance of things like, systematic reviews, literature scans the scientific method in research, etc.  It can also help our own work by appreciating the importance of having systematic and objective processes to our own operations.

About the Presenter:

Julie Waddick is a Librarian at North York General Hospital as well as the President of the Ontario Health Library and Information Association (OHLIA).  She has a Master of Science in Library and Information Science as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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