Super Conference

The Ontario Library Association is Canada’s largest library organization and OLA’s Super Conference is Canada’s largest continuing education event in librarianship. Within the Super Conference event is the country’s largest library tradeshow. The program is a tribute to the ability of OLA members to balance the cutting edge and the practical in a way that can satisfy an increasingly diverse number of member interests and needs.

While this is a very big event, it is also a very good event with exceptionally high scores in delegate evaluations. With each passing year, OLA members surpass themselves in the breadth and excellence of what they produce in this program. They succeed because, more and more, they are willing to take risks, to raise their sights in identifying what is needed, what is possible and what will move themselves and their peers forward.

How Super Conference is Developed 
The program is built brick-by-brick, time slot by time slot, by some twenty co-ordinators working with dozens more to identify the needs to be addressed in this time and this place. Hundreds of people are then identified to speak, convene, manage, volunteer and in many other ways execute the program that these people envisage. This is a program driven by OLA members and a program that drives OLA members to professional achievement of remarkable and ever-increasing heights.

Looking for the program, how to become an exhibitor, and more? Follow the link to the Super Conference website!

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