OCULA Fall Conference 2016

THEME: The Next Transformation: Libraries and the Future of Higher Education

WHERE: Online, with optional satellite viewing locations available (locations TBA)
WHEN: November 23, 1pm-3:30pm EST
WHO: Keynote speaker: Alec Couros 
PRICE: Individual Registration $20.00, Institutional Registration, $100.00  

Keynote Speaker: Alec Couros
Biography: Alec Couros is an associate professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, Canada. An award-winning educator, Alec helps his undergraduate and graduate students take up the incredible affordances of our connected world through the integration of educational technology in teaching and learning. Alec is also a well-recognized scholar and researcher who has given hundreds of keynotes and workshops around the globe on diverse topics such as connected/networked learning, digital citizenship, social media in education, and critical media literacy, providing educators, students, and parents with the knowledge necessary to take advantage of and thrive in our new digital reality. Finally, Alec is a passionate advocate of openness in education and demonstrates this commitment through his open access publications, considerable digital presence and contributions, and highly successful MOOCs and open boundary courses.

Closing Speaker: Louise McGillis
Biography – Louise McGillis is the Associate University Librarian, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, responsible for the management of the Ferriss Hodgett Library. In performing her administrative responsibilities, Ms. McGillis draws on her extensive public services work to deliver innovative services and collections to the faculty, staff and students she serves.  She is also the university library lead on engagement activities and has worked on numerous initiatives to develop partnerships across campus and in the broader community.  Prior to her role in management Louise’s research focused on internet literacy, usability and library innovation. She is co-editer of the book “Last One Out Turn Off the Lights: Is This the Future ​of American and Canadian Libraries” (2005) and the follow up article “The Lights are on but Nobody is Home: the Future of Academic Libraries?” (2016) published in the Partnership Journal. She holds degrees from McGill University and the University of Toronto. 
Be sure to check out Louise’s talk “The lights are on, but nobody’s home: the future of academic libraries?