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Membership with OLA for Students

Student membership is open to students currently enrolled in a library program at an Ontario College or University. Membership is $20 and includes access to all membership resources and benefits available to regular membership. 

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The Partnership Job Board

The Partnership is Canada’s national network of provincial and territorial library associations. The Partnership meets twice a year to collaboratively develop services and programs for members of their respective associations. As a member of OLA, you are extended all benefits of The Partnership. The Partnership Job site is a listing of positions available in the library and information sector in Canada.

Mentoring and Career Services for Students

OLA’s Mentoring Committee offers many services to OLA members. They provide members with the opportunity to have your resume critiqued, be matched with a mentor, arrange a school visit to run mock interviews as well as offering the career toolkit they have created. See all offerings on Career Services web page.

OPLA Council Position – Public Library Focus (Recent Graduates)
This program gives a recent graduate (< 3years) who is employed in a public library an opportunity to sit on the OPLA (Ontario Public Library Association) council as a non-voting member for 1 calendar year to work on and experience province wide initiatives and projects with a team of professionals from around the province. For more information on applying please see the: OPLA Kickstart to Participation web page.

The Education Institute is a continuing education program for library information workers developed by The Partnership of Provincial and Territorial Library Associations of Canada. The program offers one-hour webinars and 4-6 week online courses for libraries for the public, academic (college & universities), school (elementary & secondary) and special libraries sectors.  Registration for the webinars is by site and not per person. This is very beneficial to students or student unions where they can book one room and have multiple people participate in a single webinar under one registration fee. For more information and the current schedule of webinars please visit the Education Institute page.

The Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) Program is a national program of The Partnership which offers all Canadian librarians, technicians and workers the opportunity to invest in your career development through a formal program to plan, document and report your professional development and learning activities.

As a CEC program participant you will:

  1. Plan and document your learning and professional development  by activity type and subject areas;
  2. Collect points annually, based on learning activities, over the program period of three years;
  3. Connect with volunteer mentors for guidance and discussion on your learning and career development;
  4. Receive a certificate of completion and a full record of your learning activities.

The OLA Board of Directors offers the Dr. Janette Baker Scholarship each year to an applicant entering their first or second year of a full-time post secondary library program. This includes a Library Technician program or a Library Master’s program. Applications for this scholarship are accepted in the spring of each year and funds are directly applied to the recipients’ tuition account at their school for the fall semester.  


Lightning Strikes Award (Students & Recent Graduates) 
Each fall students and recent graduates from a library masters or technicians program in Ontario are invited to submit a 10 minute lightning talk in the academic field for presentation at the OLA Super Conference. For more information about this opportunity visit: OLA Super Conference “Lightning Strikes”.


Ontario Library Association Indigenous Student Scholarship

The Ontario Library Association Indigenous Student Scholarship. Open to students who self-identify as Indigenous (Inuit, Native, Status Indian, Non-Status Indian, Indigenous Members of First Nations or Metis) and are enrolled in the Faculty of Information (UofT). The Ontario Library Association in conjunction with Grace Buller’s family created this targeted scholarship. Students interested in applying for this scholarship will fill out the application through UofT. Please visit link above to learn more.

Learn more about Scholarships and how to apply

Member involvement is vital to the success of the association. OLA volunteers have the unique opportunity to engage with other embers from around the province while impacting trends, issues and services available for library professionals. 

Volunteer opportunities are a great opportunity for students to make connections and create lasting connections within the library community.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Can you offer an opportunity at your institution for a library school student? See the different ways you can get involved in growing the career paths and potential of our next generation of library staff. There are a mix of options from a few hours to a full semester commitment for both the Library Technician and Master programs in the province.​

Library Technician Diploma Programs

Algonquin College, Ottawa, ONCommitment: 3 weeks / minimum 90 hours (unpaid placement for students in their second year)
Timing: 3 weeks at the end of November / early December & the last three weeks of April
Contact: Helena Merriam, Coordinator, 613-727-4723 x5338

Field placements are for students to gain experience in libraries, archives and information management departments, and contribute their skills and knowledge to those organizations. Placements are set up as a matching system, rather than an interview process. Students select their placements from a list of potential employers arranged by the college on behalf of the student.

Durham College, Oshawa, ON

 Student must complete 160 hours total through 2 year program (can be split between multiple hosts)
Timing: Field Experience 1 – Half days or full days, once a week, from mid-October to the end of November.  Field Experience 2 – Students are available one day/week between January 1 and April 30th, as well as one week in February and one week in April.  Dates and times of placement to be determined by employer and student.  Employers may choose to schedule placement once a week or for a one week block or any combination that is mutually agreeable to the employer and student
Contact: Susan Pratt, Professor, Library and Information Technician Program, 905-721-2000 X2304

Field Experience 1 (Year one, fall semester) is a JOB SHADOW.   As appropriate, employers are welcome to assign tasks.  

Field Experience 2 (Year two, winter semester, January to end of semester in April):  This experience is an UNPAID work placement.  Students find field experience opportunities based on their interests, site location and opportunities for future career paths.  Each student must have a minimum of two different types of field experience placements in Field Experience 2 unless otherwise approved by the Program Coordinator. 

Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON

Commitment:  105 Hours (3 weeks) Full-time or part time option
Information for employers: Field Placement Host Information
Contact: Dolores Harms PennerProgram Manager / Field Work Instructor, Phone: 905-575-2309

Two unpaid field placements are required. Field placements are 105 hours in length (equivalent to 3 weeks work @ 35 hours per week). Field placement hours may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis, as long as the schedule is acceptable to both the host library and the student. Placement hours must be completed within one 14-week field placement session.

Students contact possible field placement hosts directly to make an inquiry, based on the student’s geographic area and career goals. Once tentative arrangements are in place, the Program Manager will contact the field placement supervisor to confirm and answer any questions.

Seneca College, Toronto, ON

Commitment: 3 weeks
Contact: Manda Plavsa Barclay Program Coordinator, Telephone: (416) 491-5050 Ext. 22744

Students will have placements scheduled in special libraries, public libraries and/or in school or academic libraries. The program assigns placements with input from the student. 

Library Master’s Degree Programs

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
Program Title: Master of Information Studies (MIS)
Information for Employers: Co-operative Education Program

 15 weeks
Contact: Doris Rioux, CO-OP Program Coordinator, Information Studies (MIS) Phone: 613-562-5800 x3020

Co-operative education is a three-way partnership between the University, students and employers. Students apply their classroom knowledge to a series of four-month work experiences. You enhance someone’s education, while reaping the unique benefits of CO-OP employment.

​University of Toronto iSchool, Toronto, ON

U of T Master of Information (MI) Co-op
The University of Toronto Master of Information (MI) Co-op is an opportunity to hire top MI students from all seven concentrations on a full-time basis for a 4-month or 8-month co-op work term starting in May 2016. You will be able to mentor and work with a select group of top iSchool MI students, who have completed two terms of academic work, and are ready to bring their knowledge of the latest trends in the field to your organization. Ontario employers may be eligible for a Co-op Education Tax Credit, which is a refundable tax credit of up to $3,000. For more information, please visit the iSchool’s Hire an MI Co-op Student page or contact Isidora Petrovic, MI Co-op Coordinator, via email

Program Title:
 Master of Information (MI)
Information for Employers: Job Shadowing Program
Commitment: 1/2 – full day
Contact: Richardo:
The Job Shadowing program runs from mid-February to August each year.  Hosts may volunteer to participate at any point, but are encouraged to do so before the program officially opens, as most students select their hosts at that time.

Western University, London, ON (Formally University of Western Ontario)

Program Title: Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)
Information for Employers: Co-op Program
Commitment: 1 semester / 14 weeks
Contact: Nancy Hsu, Co-op Assistant, Phone: 519-661-2111 Ext. 88468

A co-op placement is an arrangement between the employer and the student employee facilitated by the Co-op Office. Terms of employment are established by the employer. By mutual agreement a student may be reappointed to a second work term, with approval of the Co-op Office.

The Ontario Library Association Mentoring Committee works hard to offer numerous different programs and services to the OLA members. 

They strive to link working professionals with students, new graduates and other library staff interested in a career in libraries and related fields through the mentoring matching program, they run the career services area and programs on site at the OLA Super Conference, as well as provide other tips and helpful links for you along your career path on their site.

Visit the OLA Mentoring Committee site to find out more about the committee and the programs/services they offer.