Thursday, October 6, 1:00pm ET

Free Event: Virtual Tour of the CBC Transformation Office

Date & Time:

October 6, 2022 – 1pm ET

The Transformation Office is home to CBC’s information management experts. In addition to managing CBC’s extensive archives, including film, video, image, audio and music content, the Transformation Office also takes a lead role in developing CBC’s use of metadata to support content personalization and intelligence.



Introduction: Ann Cox, Senior Manager, Library Services

Reference Library: Kate Zieman, Senior Media Librarian

Music Library: Patrick Alexander, Senior Media Librarian

Visual and Audio Research: Zoe Barraclough, Library Coordinator

Acquisitions: Casandra Kubik, Senior Media Librarian

Acquisitions: Pam Tyrrell, Library Coordinator

Content Lifecycle: Marcos Armstrong, Senior Media Librarian

Content Consolidation: Russ McMillen, Library Coordinator

Semantics and Metadata: Christine Cadotte, Manager, Metadata Governance

Mass Digitization: Bretton Weir, Library Coordinator

Indigenous Languages Project: Lorne Shapiro, Project Lead