The Ontario School Library Association (OSLA) is bringing together the voice of educators, parents and concerned Ontarians across the province to let the Ontario Ministry of Education know that every student in Ontario needs a properly funded and staffed school library! 


  1. Download and print the petition.
  2. Sign the petition.*
  3. Gather additional signatures from school library supporters.
  4. Mail the original document(s) with physical signatures to the OLA office: Ontario Library Association, Centre for Social Innovation, 192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 205, Toronto, ON M5T 2C2**   
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* Please note that only residents of Ontario may sign the petition.
** Mail in your original document(s) by September 30, 2024.
For petitions to be submitted to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, only physical signatures are allowed. To add your voice of support, please print the petition, sign it, and mail the original document to the OLA office. 

Please return signed pages to:  
Ontario Library Association  
Centre for Social Innovation 
192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 205 
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2   

Deadline to mail in original document(s): September 30, 2024

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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, 

WHEREAS school libraries play a critical role in supporting the educational development and literacy of students across Ontario;  

WHEREAS the presence of a professional teacher-librarian and a properly resourced school library provides support and expertise to the entire school community;   

WHEREAS adequate funding and resources are essential to maintaining and improving school library services;  

WHEREAS the Ministry of Education’s announcement of the Core Education Funding model not only failed to fully protect school library funding equivalent to the provincial funding formula, but also eliminated all protected funding and accountability measures associated with school library staffing and resources; 

WHEREAS the elimination of protected school library funding will lead to dramatic cuts in school library staffing and resources across Ontario; 

WHEREAS the absence of these curriculum-supporting resources will have a significant negative impact on students’ development of critical literacy and research skills, impeding students’ academic success, and;   

WHEREAS there is a need for greater transparency and accountability in the allocation and utilization of funds dedicated to school libraries by Ontario school boards, 

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to direct the Ministry of Education to: 

  • Protect school libraries for Ontario students by revising the Core Education Funding model to fully protect funding for school library staff and resources, equivalent to the provincial funding formula; 
  • Re-institute its policy requiring all school boards to report annually on the allocation and expenditure of funds specifically designated for school libraries; 
  • Mandate that these reports include information on the staffing of school libraries, ensuring that they are staffed by professional teacher-librarians to maximize the benefits for students; and 
  • Mandate that these reports be made publicly accessible to hold school boards accountable and allow parents, educators, and stakeholders to understand how funds are being utilized to support school library services. 

Have questions? Please check out the FAQ on the campaign page, or email Lily Kwok, Advocacy & Research Officer, OLA, at